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About Antarias

Antarias is a company founded in 1997, from the founder and owner MSc Gabriela Kulebanova and is working successfully in the telecomunication sector.

From the begging is providing service in the area of mobile phones, mobile devices, tablets, other equipment and accessories and other trade.

Antarias as proven company with and grate experience is offering high spread portfolio of products and services for all private and business customers.

With its positive image and continued development, Antarias from 2007 became partner of A1 Macedonia and beside the sale, also operates the main services of the telecom operator to highest level.

Antarias with his long year functioning to the telecommunication market is becoming cooperator and authorized dealer of reputable European brands in this area.

We have 15 own stores in the territory of Republic of North Macedonia and few dealers’ stores that is cooperating with our company successfully for many years and working under the brand of Antarias.

Our referent list testifies for the large number of cooperators:

Macedonian Telecom AD, Neptun Macedonia DOO, Simpo, TopTrade, Drisla, Casa Italia, Novartis Farma Services, Greemak Group, Unika Insurance, Komunalna Higiena

Goal-driven by our customers for providing high class products and services, our objectives are to continue with building and expanding the cooperation with our customers and to save their trust and loyalty.

Visit us and you will be convinced why our motto is “FIRST BETWEEN FIRST”…